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Libraries and Veterans National Forum


Continue the Conversation

We hope you have enjoyed the conversations at the Libraries & Veterans National Forum.  To continue to conversation, please consider joining the ALA Veteran Caucus Member Initiative Group.  This is a group intended to bring together library workers who:

  1. Are veterans or military-affiliated,
  2. Are working with veteran and military-affiliated patrons, or
  3. Are interested in working with veteran and military-affiliated patrons

This group is open to all who are interested.  To join, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: ALA Connect

Step 1:  Log into ALA Connect at  Use the search function to search for the Veterans Caucus Member Initiative Group. Click on the Veterans Caucus Member Initiative Group community in the search results.

Search for Veterans Caucus

Step 2: Joining the Veterans Caucus

Step 2: Join the Veterans Caucus Member Initiative Group by clicking the Join Community button at the top left of the page.  There is no fee associated with joining the Veterans Caucus.

Veterans Caucus page with blue Join button at top left.

Step 3: Posting to the Veterans Caucus

Step 3: You can post to the Veterans Caucus by clicking on the Post New Message button.  You can share a project that you've done recently, ask for ideas for new programming, or ask for help overcoming a challenge.  The Veterans Caucus community is here to help!

Veterans Caucus Member Initiative Group with Post New Message button.