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Libraries and Veterans National Forum

Toolkit Committees

Thank You

As part of the larger Libraries and Veterans National Forum project, librarians and library workers with experience working with veterans were invited to join committees that focused on sharing programs, services, strategies, policies, and other tips for working with veterans.

The goal of the committees was to develop a repository (the “toolkit”) of program ideas, exhibit outlines, policy documents, collection development plans, and more that other libraries can use to get started in their own work serving veterans.

Committees were comprised of five members and a committee leader, all of whom work for the same type of library (e.g., public library, academic library, military library). Committee members and leaders worked together to brainstorm, develop, and upload veteran-oriented library programs, policies, events, etc. into the Libraries and Veterans Forum Toolkit.

Public Libraries - Group A

  • Michael Steinmacher, Leader
  • Rachel Fiore
  • Ann Thompson
  • Michelle Anderson-Jones
  • Nora Armstrong
  • Angel Abounader
  • Kristine Moralez

All Library Types

  • Dawn LaValle, Leader
  • Deidre Rios
  • Daryl Barker
  • Rose Rodriguez
  • Owen Rogers
  • Brad Bullis
  • Brenda Worthington

Veterans Affairs Libraries

  • Janice Young, Leader
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Marielle McNeal
  • Bianca Brillant
  • Cheryl Banick

Academic Libraries

  • Ingrid Ruffin, Leader
  • Dr. Eduardo Tinoco
  • Tammi Owens
  • Margaret Dawson
  • Kristy White
  • Gerald Natal

Public Libraries - Group B

  • Chris Magnusson, Leader
  • Suzanne Moore
  • Lee Ann Amend
  • Rohini Gupta
  • Rosalind Lett
  • Elizabeth Chubet